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Ground Game Club


Exchange points for products

Do you often shop at Ground Game? Create an account and take advantage of the Ground Game Club loyalty program. Every registered customer earns points for purchases, reviews, and signing up for the newsletter. Learn more about the details.

How to collect points?

Simply do your shopping:)

After each order your account will be credited with points adequate to the value of the purchased products. You will receive points worth 5% of your order. Note: Shipping costs are not included in our Loyalty Program."

Review purchased products

For each approved product review you will receive 2 points. More information can be found in the frequently asked questions section below.

Sign up for our newsletter

We regularly send out newsletters with news in the shop and at Ground Game Academy. You will receive 2 points for subscribing to our newsletter. If you haven't signed up yet, you can do so here.

Frequently asked questions

1. How can I join the Ground Game Club?

To join the Ground Game Club, please create an account in our shop. When you buy as a registered customer, you automatically collect points.

2. For what can I exchange the points I have earned?

You can exchange your points for all products available in the shop except for products not included in the Ground Game Club program (ie. supplements). To buy a given product, log in and go to the product page. Then click "Buy with points". The product will be added to your cart and after purchase, your pool of points will be reduced by its value.

3. When are the points added?

The points for an order will appear on your account after 14 days from the moment of the payment.

4. Where can I check the number of points I have?

You will find the number of points in your account in the "Loyalty Programme" section. Here you will also find all the products available for the points.

Go to your account to check your points