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Shin Guards for MMA, Muay Thai, Kickboxing

( number of products: 10 )
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Shin Guards for MMA, Muay Thai, Kickboxing

( number of products: 10 )

Shin guards are one of the pieces of equipment that should be in the training bag of anyone who trains in sports involving kicks. They are used to protect the joints and bones during intense training or fights. Shin guards protect both you and your partner from injuries, effectively cushioning impacts.

Without shin guards, your shins are not only exposed to painful blows but also injuries or contusions that can exclude you from training for many weeks. Therefore, if you want to regularly train in MMA, Muay Thai, or kickboxing, get yourself shin guards from Ground Game. The choice of model depends on your preferences and the sport discipline you practice. In Ground Game, you will find shin guards with Velcro fasteners and elastic ones resembling knee-high socks.

Shin guards with Velcro fasteners

Shin guards with Velcro fasteners are popular among people who focus on kicking. They are stiffer, and strong Velcro and rubber prevent them from sliding during training or fights. Shin guards made of synthetic leather are a great alternative to those made of natural leather. They are equally resistant to cracking and abrasions and are more attractive in terms of price. They will be perfect for training sports that involve kicking techniques.

In Ground Game, you will find models of shin guards with movable panels that protect the instep and do not restrict movement. Inserts made of hard foam (resistant to deformation) are optimally profiled, providing a wide protection surface and excellent cushioning of impacts. The panel on the instep effectively protects the feet. Comfortable adjustable Velcro fasteners allow you to perfectly fit the guards to your leg and prevent them from slipping during fights.

Flexible shin guards

Ground Game's flexible shin guards look like knee-high socks/long stockings with openings for toes and heels, but that's where their similarities end. They provide protection to the skin on the entire surface of the shins and feet.

They are made of elastic polyester material, which perfectly adapts to the legs and does not slide during impacts (Ground Game models have a Velcro fastener that additionally holds the guard on the leg). They also have a filling made of polyurethane foam, which effectively cushions blows and protects against impacts.

The huge advantage of this type of guard is their compactness - they are light and take up little space. They are easy to clean (you can wash them in the washing machine). Flexible shin guards are especially useful in ground fighting, where your mobility and freedom of movement count.