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MMA Shorts

( number of products: 30 )
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MMA Shorts

( number of products: 30 )

MMA shorts designed for MMA training and other sports such as grappling or BJJ. MMA shorts are made from a material that provides exceptional durability while maintaining lightness and comfort during intense training sessions.


The features of Ground Game MMA shorts

When choosing MMA shorts, it's important to choose a cut that will be suitable for you and your body type. Ground Game MMA shorts have a universal cut and can be worn by people with different body types. For your comfort, we have used Velcro, a drawstring, and a stretchy waistband to perfectly fit the MMA shorts.


MMA shorts are one of the most important parts of every fighter's outfit. They should be comfortable, flexible, and breathable. They are usually made of a durable material that is resistant to tearing. The shorts also have special seams that reinforce the construction of the shorts and prevent them from stretching during intense use.


Top quality of MMA shorts

Ground Game MMA shorts are a guarantee of quality supported by years of experience and collaboration with top MMA and BJJ fighters. They are relatively lightweight and do not have external pockets. There is a small pocket inside, for example, for the key to the locker in the changing room.


A refined design - The drawstring and Velcro in the waist allow for better fitting of the shorts to the body. Thanks to the elastic panel in the crotch and the slits on the sides, MMA shorts provide freedom of movement. Additionally, we have reinforced each model by using triple seams. By choosing Ground Game shorts, you can train without worrying that they will tear during the fight!


Unique design - Our MMA shorts are also distinguished by their original, unique design. We make the print using sublimation, which ensures its durability and vibrant colors for years to come. They withstand even the strongest training and frequent washing.


Premium quality - We have taken care of the smallest details, which is why Ground Game MMA shorts are extremely popular among professionals. We sew the shorts from durable and elastic DURAFLEX material. The silicone belt prevents the shorts from slipping during training, and the Velcro used is strong but also delicate, so it does not damage other equipment or clothing in direct contact.


What are the best MMA shorts?

It depends on what you expect from the shorts. If you want them to be lightweight and breathable, you can choose loose models. If you prefer a more elastic and fitted cut, it is worth choosing Vale Tudo models. Remember that MMA shorts should be tailored to your needs and preferences. Choose a model that meets your expectations and increases comfort during training.