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BJJ Belts

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BJJ Belts

( number of products: 13 )

The BJJ belt serves not only to tie the gi. Its color informs about your skills. Get to know the classification of adult BJJ belts.

What are the belts in BJJ?

How to earn belts in BJJ? There are no official, precisely defined requirements to meet or a list of techniques that you must know perfectly to be promoted to a higher belt. However, each BJJ belt has its symbolism, which describes the level of its holder's advancement. Get to know the colors of the belts and their meaning:

White belt - the belt of discovery and survival. As a white belt, you learn basic techniques, acquire reflexes, focus on escapes, defense, and surviving from the bottom.

Blue belt - the belt of experimentation. At this level, you know basic techniques and positions. You learn advanced variations, experiment, and look for your favorite techniques and submissions. You discover your style. IBJJF recommends being a blue belt for at least 2 years.

Purple belt - the belt of development. You specialize in your favorite techniques, but it's also time to train those that are not part of your game. IBJJF recommends being a purple belt for at least 18 months.

Brown belt - the belt of refinement. You already know your skills and refine each technique. You develop approaches to your favorite positions, apply advanced strategies. IBJJF recommends being a brown belt for at least a year.

Black belt - the belt of mastery. It is proof of broad knowledge of BJJ techniques, their basic and advanced variations, and the ability to apply this knowledge in practice.