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Boxing Gloves

( number of products: 14 )

Boxing Gloves

( number of products: 14 )

Boxing gloves are used in many combat sports, traditionally in boxing and kickboxing. They can also be used as gloves for Muay Thai. Take care of your comfort and safety during training by choosing Ground Game boxing gloves. This is high-quality equipment that protects you and your sparring partner from injuries.

What distinguishes Ground Game boxing gloves?

First of all, they guarantee comfort and fit perfectly on the wrist. The wide and strong velcro makes it easy to secure the gloves, which is a practical alternative to lace-up gloves. Inside, there is a MOISTWICK lining that absorbs sweat well, leaving the skin dry. The gloves differ in material and weight. The common element is high-quality padding that effectively cushions impacts.

Selected models also have a mesh panel on the knuckles, which provides even better air circulation. Choose Ground Game boxing gloves and take your training comfort to the next level!

Which boxing gloves to choose? Weight/size

In Ground Game, you will find boxing gloves and Muay Thai gloves weighing 10, 12, 14, and 16 oz. There are also boxing gloves for children weighing 6 and 8 oz. The weight of boxing gloves should be adjusted to the weight of the person training:

Boxing gloves 10 oz - ideal for women and men with low weight. They are mainly intended for training on bags or pads. It is not recommended to use them during sparring.

Boxing gloves 12 oz - the most popular weight of gloves among boxers. They will work well both during training and sparring. Men weighing up to 90kg and people who are just starting their adventure with boxing or Muay Thai should choose this size.

Boxing gloves 14 oz - similar to gloves weighing 12 ounces, ideal for both training and sparring, but intended for heavier fighters.

Boxing gloves 16 oz - ideal for heavyweight fighters.

For beginners, it is recommended to choose a larger size/weight of gloves because they will provide more cushioning and hand protection. We also recommend this article on Ground Game Academy: 5 rules for beginner boxers.

Leather or synthetic boxing gloves?

Depending on the model, Ground Game boxing gloves (including Muay Thai gloves) are made of natural cowhide leather or synthetic leather. If you are just starting your adventure with striking sports, choose boxing gloves made of synthetic leather. They are cheaper and will work perfectly during your first training sessions.

Boxing gloves and Muay Thai gloves made of natural cowhide leather are the best choice for experienced striking sports enthusiasts. Leather gloves are more resistant to cracks, making them withstand many strong training sessions.

Boxing gloves and Thai gloves - differences

Boxing gloves differ from Muay Thai gloves primarily in their profile. Muay Thai gloves are flatter to make it easier to grab and fight in the clinch. However, this difference is not strongly noticeable and noticeable, so people who are starting to train Muay Thai or kickboxing can use typical boxing gloves for this purpose.