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BJJ GIs / Kimonos

( number of products: 33 )

BJJ GIs / Kimonos

( number of products: 33 )

GI for BJJ, commonly referred to as kimono, is armor for every Brazilian jiu-jitsu athlete that, if well-chosen, can aid in training. At Ground Game, you can find high-quality pants for the gi, jackets, and entire kimonos/gis for BJJ for less and more demanding practitioners. The models differ in braid and weight, and all are available in several colors and sizes.


What is BJJ gi?

Brazilian jiu-jitsu, also known as BJJ, is a martial art that relies on using an opponent's strength and weight to bring them down to the ground. Brazilian jiu-jitsu is based on the use of grips and chokes, followed by rotating or throwing an opponent to submit them. Brazilian jiu-jitsu can be trained with or without a gi. Training with a gi helps with learning techniques and maintaining safety during sparring.


The gi consists of two parts: pants and a jacket. At Ground Game, you can choose from different-sized gi sets. Specifically for people who do not fit into standard kimono sizes or who only need one element of their outfit, we have created the gi Breaker. It is probably the only gi on the market in which you choose the size of the jacket and pants separately. You can easily create a gi that is 100% tailored to you.


Ground Game gi design

What sets Ground Game's kimonos/gis for BJJ apart is their world-class design complemented by original embroidery and patches. In combination with other features, it creates equipment for even the most demanding jiujiteiros. In our offer, you will find several gi models that we improve with every season, responding to the needs of their users. Each kimono is available in different color versions. In addition to classic colors (white, black, blue) that meet IBJJF requirements, we have also prepared red, olive, navy gis that will make you stand out on the mat not only with your skills.


BJJ gi Ground Game ensures comfort during training

Ground Game's BJJ gis guarantee proper protection as well as comfort of use. The specially designed cut provides freedom of movement during training and competitions. We have refined a comfortable loop system that keeps the round cord in place.



High-quality material and solid workmanship make the BJJ kimonos we create withstand many intense workouts and many good fights. Additional reinforcements in strategic places (e.g. on the knees) increase the durability of Ground Game gis.

If you're just starting your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu journey, choosing the right GI for BJJ can be a challenge, so pay attention to the following parameters:


Size - When browsing kimonos, you will come across A1, A2, A3, A4 designations, which refer to your weight and height. There are also sizes A1L, A2L, A3L, which are intended for tall individuals with weight equivalent to the main sizes. To select the perfect model for you, use the size chart that we have provided with each GI. If you have any doubts, feel free to write or call us, we will be happy to help :)


Braid - Pay attention to it when choosing a kimono. In Ground Game, GIs with Pearl weaves of 350 g (GI "Champion 2.0"), 450 g (GI "Balance 3", GI "Gamer") and 550 g (GI "Player") are available. The lightest kimonos for BJJ are best for competitions where weight is crucial, while the heaviest ones are best for training. Intermediate weights will be a good choice for those who want to train and compete in the same outfit.


Color - In our store, you will find GIs for BJJ in white, blue, and black, which are the most traditional colors allowed in all competitions. We have also prepared models in red, navy, and gray. The choice of color depends on your preferences and needs.


How to care for your GI?

Wash your GI for BJJ inside out and at a maximum of 30°C. Higher water temperature may cause the kimono to shrink. Use natural laundry detergents. Chemical products can damage the material structure. After washing, hang the kimono on a hanger, rope, or laundry dryer in a well-ventilated place. This way, your GI will maintain its size and appearance. Absolutely do not use a tumble dryer!


BJJ attire

A kimono is the basic but not the only element of BJJ attire. Depending on your preferences, you can also wear a rashguard and/or leggings under your kimono, which will not only protect against abrasions but also wick away moisture, providing optimal body temperature. A belt is an essential part of the outfit, used to tie the kimono, but above all, it determines the level of advancement in jiu-jitsu.


Ground Game - top quality BJJ gear

The Ground Game brand is created by people who practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. From our own experience, we know how the quality of equipment affects the comfort and performance of training, which is why we produce top-class GIs while maintaining an affordable price to not ruin your budget :)