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Training gear

( number of products: 111 )
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Training gear

( number of products: 111 )

Regardless of whether you train BJJ, MMA, boxing, kickboxing, judo, or other combat sports - in Ground Game, you will find professional training equipment recommended by professionals and trainers. We focus on unique design and above-average durability. Each model is made of high-quality materials and thoroughly tested, so you receive equipment that meets your requirements and takes your training to the next level.

Combat sports training equipment

In Ground Game, you will find complete training equipment for combat sports for both beginners and advanced athletes. Our boxing gloves, MMA and sparring gloves, boxing helmets, boxing wraps, mats, shin guards, mouth guards, suspensories, and training bags provide maximum protection and comfort during training. The hallmark of Ground Game training equipment is its unique design. We rely on original, one-of-a-kind graphics that distinguish our models from ordinary products. Our products are characterized by high quality and durability, so it will serve you for a long time. Ground Game training equipment is a successful investment for years to come.

Protective gear

Are you worried about your safety during training? Get yourself some solid protective gear. A mouthguard is an absolute basic for any combat sport - it will protect you from unpleasant consequences of your partner's accidental or intentional hits. Do you attend kickboxing or another sport with kicking techniques? Get yourself shin guards that effectively cushion the force of blows and minimize the risk of injury.

Training equipment for trainers

In our offer for trainers, you will find professional shields, pads, and belts for trainers. Everything you need to conduct classes at the highest level. Ground Game training shields effectively absorb strikes, distributing the force of blows and ensuring the safety of the trainer and trainee. In the offer, you will find models made of synthetic leather and natural leather. Do you want to cooperate with us and get attractive discounts? Check out our cooperation offer for trainers.