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( number of products: 47 )

A rashguard, also known as a thermal shirt, is a basic piece of equipment for anyone involved in sports, especially martial arts. At Ground Game, you will find high-quality men's rashguards that are perfect for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), MMA, wrestling, or judo training. They effectively protect your body from abrasions while providing maximum comfort.


What is a rashguard?

Anyone who trains or starts training in combat sports should know what a rashguard is and what its main purpose is. Its primary function is to protect against abrasions and scratches while providing thermal regulation and efficiently wicking sweat away. In a nutshell, the rashguard acts like a second skin. Although initially used by Australian surfers as protection against water, wind, and sun exposure, combat sports enthusiasts soon fell in love with them, as their skin is highly exposed to injuries such as friction burns.


Rashguards for the gym, training, and running

Ground Game men's rashguards are specialized clothing with universal application. They are great not only for combat sports training but also for the gym, cycling, and running. They are also popular as the first layer of thermal clothing for mountain hiking (both in summer and winter) and water sports, protecting the skin from abrasions and sunburn.


Short- or long-sleeved rashguard?

In every collection, you will find thermal shirts with short and long sleeves. The model you choose depends on your needs and preferences. A rashguard with short sleeves is suitable for summer or if you train in a warm room. Choose a long-sleeved rashguard when you want to maximally cover the upper body or when training outdoors in low temperatures.


How to choose the right size of a rashguard?

When choosing a size, remember that the rashguard is elastic and its task is to fit snugly to the body, so it cannot be too big or too small. With each model, you will find a size chart to help you choose the size that fits your dimensions. If you have any problems, we are here to help, so feel free to contact us via email or phone.


Ground Game rashguards have unique designs

Do you like to stand out during training with equipment that has a unique, original look? Or do you prefer a classic and subdued rashguard? In our offer, you will find both rashguards with exceptional motifs (e.g., Samurai, Bushido) and minimalist designs in a universal, timeless color palette (e.g., Athletic, Classic).


We make each DYEACTIVE print using the sublimation method, making it non-fading, and colors retain their intensity. The wide selection of collections and a variety of motifs make it easy to find the perfect rashguard for you.


Rashguard or cotton t-shirt?

If you care about perfect equipment, choose a rashguard from a reputable brand instead of a regular t-shirt. The advantage of a thermal shirt over a cotton one is the way it is made and the excellent quality of the material. In each model, we use FLATLOCK seams, which provide a flat surface, reducing friction and chafing. Moreover, the material used in rashguards has unique features that make them more comfortable to wear, better fitting, and more durable than regular cotton t-shirts.