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MMA Gloves

( number of products: 9 )

MMA Gloves

( number of products: 9 )

MMA Ground Game gloves are made of the highest quality materials, which provide comfort during every training or fight and minimize the risk of injury. The gloves are fastened with a long, adjustable strap, which additionally stiffens the wrist and protects the hands even during very strong punches.

MMA is a contact sport in which athletes can not only strike but also grab the opponent. Therefore, the gloves in which they train have been appropriately designed for this type of combat sport.

How do MMA gloves differ from boxing gloves?

MMA gloves differ from boxing gloves primarily in their construction. When training in mixed martial arts, you have much greater freedom in the techniques used during the fight. While in boxing you can only punch, in MMA, in addition to strikes, you can also grab your opponent. That's why MMA gloves have exposed fingers.

How do MMA gloves for sparring differ from those for fighting?

Ground Game offers both MMA sparring gloves (intended for training) and models of gloves specifically designed for fighting. Sparring gloves are larger and more covered. The multi-layer foam filling guarantees maximum protection and cushioning of the blow.

MMA fighting gloves (known as grappling gloves) are less covered, so they do not interfere, for example, with applying a lever or chokehold. They are lighter and smaller than sparring gloves. Considering the smaller foam padding, punches in these gloves are not as cushioned as in sparring gloves, which makes them significantly stronger.

What MMA gloves should you choose for a beginner?

MMA gloves are one of the most important pieces of equipment for any athlete. They serve to protect the hands during fights and to avoid injuries. Above all, it is worth paying attention to the size and material from which the gloves are made. The best gloves will be tailored to the size of your hands, as well as very flexible and lightweight. In addition, the material should be breathable to avoid sweating during the fight.

Usage. First of all, consider whether you need gloves for fights or sparring. If you are just starting your MMA adventure, invest in sparring gloves that will allow you to improve your skills while maintaining maximum safety. For more advanced players, we recommend having both models. If you are still unsure which MMA gloves to choose, talk to your trainer who will advise you best.

Size. In our offer, you will find MMA gloves in two sizes: S/M or L/XL. You choose the size of gloves according to the size of your hand. If you have trouble choosing the right size, contact us, and we will help you :)

Material. In addition to construction and size, MMA gloves differ in the material from which they are made. You can choose gloves made of natural or synthetic leather. The former, made entirely of cowhide, are more durable. You can train as much as you want without worrying that the skin will wear out or crack. Synthetic leather gloves are a good choice for people who are just starting their MMA adventure and are not yet fully convinced if this is their sport. They will also work among people who do not train too often.