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What is a boxing helmet used for?

A boxing helmet is used to protect the head and face from punches. This is important because it can prevent serious head and eye injuries. Boxing helmets are available in various sizes, shapes, and colors. When choosing a helmet, make sure it is properly fitted to the size of your head and has enough room for your nose and ears. At Ground Game, you can find boxing helmets in 2 sizes:

  • S/M for head circumference of approximately 56 cm
  • L/XL for head circumference above 60 cm

What to consider when choosing a boxing helmet?

First of all, make sure the size of the boxing helmet fits the circumference of your head. A helmet that is too small will be your biggest enemy, and one that is too loose can easily slip off your head during training or fighting. Another important thing is to ensure that the helmet has proper ventilation. A well-ventilated boxing helmet will allow you to focus on the fight rather than sweat dripping down your face.

The material the boxing helmet is made of is also important. At Ground Game, we use Skintex synthetic leather for our boxing helmets, which stands out for its durability and resistance to cracks and scratches.