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Mouth Guards

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Mouth Guards

( number of products: 2 )

Professional mouth guards from Ground Game are a guarantee of safety for your teeth during training. If you train combat sports such as MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai, boxing, kickboxing, or any other discipline where you are at risk of head strikes (even accidental ones), a mouth guard should be in your training bag.

Ground Game mouth guards have been designed with a focus on user safety and comfort. They fit the shape of your teeth comfortably, effectively protecting them from strikes and absorbing their force. All mouth guards are available in a universal size - the key to success is proper molding. We have also taken care of the original design, and the graphics are covered with a laminate to prevent them from wearing off during use. A plastic case is included in the set.

Why use a mouth guard?

Thanks to its special structure and proper fit, a mouth guard protects your teeth and entire oral cavity from injuries that may occur as a result of strikes. A mouth guard is particularly useful during training in all striking sports, but also in combat sports such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, where the athlete is also at risk of accidental strikes. The price of a mouth guard is definitely lower than the cost and pain of dental procedures, so even if you are just starting your adventure with combat sports, invest in a quality mouth guard.

Mouth guards and braces

Braces are not a contraindication to using a mouth guard. On the contrary, teeth and the oral cavity of people wearing braces are more susceptible to injuries, so it is even more important to use a mouth guard during training. Even seemingly minor impact can damage the brackets and wires, leading to an urgent and unpleasant visit to the orthodontist.

Types of Ground Game mouth guards

We offer the most popular single mouth guards, which, unlike double mouth guards, are more comfortable and do not hinder breathing. The highest quality materials allow for a perfect, individual fit of the mouth guard to the jaw of each athlete, and unique patterns ensure a unique look. Each Ground Game mouth guard comes with a plastic case.

How to fit a mouth guard?

We include instructions with each mouth guard on how to mold it to your jaw/teeth in a few steps. A properly formed mouth guard should not fall out. Over time, the foam may change shape during use, so we recommend regularly reshaping the mouth guard and replacing any worn out or damaged models.

How to care for a mouth guard?

After each training session, we recommend thoroughly rinsing the mouth guard with water and then drying it. The mouth guard should be carried in the included case, which protects it from dirt and damage.